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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Letter-pressed Poetry Playlists

Buying a single MP3 for a buck on iTunes has become the industry standard, and cobbling specialty playlists has become a thoughtless music fan reflex. Architrave Press, an independent St. Louis-based poetry press, is offering letterpressed poetry on fine paper through the very same model, encouraging poetry lovers to mix and match verse.

According to Architrave's Facebook, each poem is hand-printed using an antique Vandercook #4 letterpress at All Along Press in St. Louis, MO. Most poems are printed as individual pages for purchase just like on iTunes and buyers can assemble their own self-curated chapbooks. Architrave will also sell subscriptions for readers to automatically receive each of their 10-poem editions in the series.

A website for the project is forthcoming later this year, but more information can be found on their Facebook. Architrave is also taking submissions for the individual poem series at their Submishmash page.

1 comment:

princess kanomanom said...

Such an awesome endeavor.

Thanks for the heads-up!