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Friday, May 6, 2011

News Around the Net

Jonathan Lethem and David Foster Wallace inspired by the same foot clinic sign? Why not?

What sports make for the best literature? No votes for curling or rowing so far, unfortunately.

A prequel to The Godfather will be written by Ed Falco. It will be based on a screenplay by original author Martin Puzo, who died in 1999.

This enormous cookbook apparently had the worst copy editor ever. Check out this huge list of corrections in the first edition.

Milton's Paradise Lost is going to the big screen (although I sincerely hope the entire thing isn't, can we cut it down to a couple sections? Let's keep it under 16 hours). In talks to play Lucifer? Everyone's favorite douchey, rat-faced actor, Bradley Cooper! Let's hope the scarf (pictured in link) is included.

Jennifer Egan added the LA Times book prize to her awards for A Visit From The Goon Squad. In April, she also won the Pulitzer Prize.

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