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Friday, December 17, 2010

News Around the Net

The people at The Orwell Prize have been publishing entries from George Orwell's diary 70 years to the day that he wrote them, a project that started in 2008 and will run until 2012, Orwell's 1942.

Read about Google's absurd new word database, which has been estimated to contain 500 billion words.

Here's a list from the Huffington Post of the 17 most important books of poetry released in the fall of 2010.

In better poetry news, a 99-year-old lady fell in her tub and couldn't get up for twenty-two hours, which she spent reciting poetry. Poetry saves, people!

Have you seen the new issue of Mcsweeney's? It's a head. And a box. But mostly a head. I think someone's out of ideas after the Panorama.

Laura Miller examines why so many people seem to love such bad writing. I think it's probably because there are explosions in those books. I always say all good art involves an explosion.

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