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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Website of the Week: Dead Advice

Felix Jung is a former HFR contributor (Issue 24) and the creator of a new website that hands out advice on how to make your life more fulfilling. This isn't your average Dr. Phil self-help website though; the advice on Jung's new website comes from you. Just a more dead version of you.

Dead Advice encourages you to "imagine, for a moment, that you have just died" (cause of death is negligible, but for the sake of personal satisfaction, mine was something truly heroic). Then write a letter to someone - whether it be your kids or your husband or "the rest of us still living" - and tell them what you learned from the life you just finished, what lessons you took away and what guidance you would give to those who are fortunate enough to still have some time ticking away on their proverbial death clock. Talk about love, friendship, work, the underestimated value of an Arnold Palmer on a hot summer day (my personal addition); whatever it is that you would look back on and either recommend or discourage your living pen pal(s) from doing in their own life. The only rule is that every letter starts the same way: "Now that I’m dead, I want to tell you a few things.”

It's an interesting and insightful reflection on how we live our lives. We all say we want to die with no regrets, but Dead Advice kind of forces you to think: "What am I doing to make sure that actually happens?" Reading through some of the more somber entries can actually be inspiring, which I think is the overall goal of the Dead Advice project: to inspire people to take advantage of life, before it's too late.

Visit where you can view all of the letters submitted (categorized by topic) and write your own letter to your friends or your cat or whoever you think will most benefit from the little tidbits of life experience you gained during your short reign here, with the rest of us.

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