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Monday, August 2, 2010 Reviews HFR!

Man o' man is this a nice way to start off the month: has posted a flattering review of Issue #46 of HFR! It really made us blush a little bit.

NewPages reviewer Sima Rabinowitz called issue #46 "one big, bold, brilliant effort" and one of our "best issues ever" (I totally agree). She raved about our cover featuring Brian Dettmer's "New Books of Knowledge" and showed the diversity of
HFR contributors by quoting from Kazim Ali's “The People of the Book” and Phil Estes' "surreal narrative," "Parties After the Afterlife Are a Lot Like Parties in Dayton, Ohio."

Overall, it was an incredibly generous review and it feels nice to know that people out there are really enjoying something that we all put a lot of work in to. Thank you Sima and the staff at NewPages!

Read the review in full, here.

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Heidi said...

Congrats! The issue is amazing and definitely deserves the praise.