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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Website of the Week: Auto-Summarize

Rhode Island-based artist Jason Huff has found a pretty convenient way to get the gist of the 100 most downloaded copyright-free books on the internet: plug the entire text into Microsoft Word and use the Auto-Summarize feature to condense the novel into 10 sentences. The results are sometimes funny, sometimes poetic, and sometimes pretty darn close to an accurate summary of the book.

It's an interesting idea that has wielded some pretty awesome results. Take for example, Kafka's Metamorphosis:

Huff has put together all 100 summaries into a book, which you can purchase here for only $7.00, a pretty fair price for a sure fire conversation starter. You can also view the whole book online, here.

I took the liberty of plugging his book of auto-summarized books into Microsoft Word. Here's the ten sentence summary of his book:

Man! MEN. MEN. MEN. MEN. Men.

Sounds like it would be more applicable to this book honestly.

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