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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Website of the Week: Significant Objects

Check out a new experiment in story distribution at Significant Objects. Combining DIY with Rumplestiltskin-anything-can-be-spun-into-gold theory, the folks at SO are taking small, everyday objects that probably came from inside my great aunt's couch and giving them to authors as inspiration for short literary pieces. That in itself would be a dusty workshop exercise, but it doesn't stop there. The objects are then put up for sale on eBay, with the accompanying lit pieces as descriptions. The aggregate cost of the objects so far is listed on their website is $20.53, while the sales on eBay 'post-Significance' come to $329.33. That means on average the stories have increased the value of the object ten times. And you thought that literature wasn't worth anything in this culture.

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