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Friday, July 31, 2009

News Around the Net

Over 300 letters from Roald Dahl have been discovered, pushing his biography back a whole year.

A new study shows that reading reduces stress by 68%.

An update on what's going on with literature in translation in the U.S.

Borders employees have allegedly been "silenced."

Tolkein's heirs have filed suit against the makers of the new Hobbit film to have it stopped.

David Ulin, of the L.A. Times, is concerned by the big-brother-esque power wielded by Amazon.

Best-selling author E. Lynn Harris has died at age 54.

Novels within novels, the authors who write them, and the readers who wish they could read them.

Join the petition to have Ben & Jerry make library-themed ice cream, like Li-berry pie!

Public readings and self-censorship - where do you stand?

Some of P.D. Wodehouse's early writings have been uncovered!

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