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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Shichi-Go-San or Three-Five-Seven Day from Hayden’s Ferry Review!

In a literary twist on a custom of honoring the health and well-being of children, and the traditional poetic form of haiku, we at Hayden’s Ferry Review want you to write a three-line poem in the comments section! Your poem should have three words in line one, five words in line two and seven words in line three. The theme of your poem should be after the tradition of the Shichi - Go - San celebration – healthy growth and well-being.  We might even send out some virtual Chitose Ame, or thousand-year candy, to the poem we like best.

 Here’s our own first attempt:
In the Karesansui
A child playing
with raked garden rocks looks
up. A hawk shadow over small hands.

We are looking forward to reading your poems!

頑張ってください (gambatte kudasai) – good luck!
--Gloria Bonnell


Adriana Hope said...

Mother would pull
Tangles from my beloved hair
Rather than make me cut it short

Gloria said...

I like the way you have described the relationship between this mother and child with such a tangled thing as curly hair.

Shawnte said...

mortgaged beige house
next to off-beige house
painted interior walls vivid shades of red