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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Very Happy New Year: Enter to Win!

I hope you know: we thought a lot about you over the break. Yes, you. As one of our subscribers, contributors, submitters, blog readers, friends, you give us many of things. So we want to give you something, too. Fun. Excitement. Opportunity.

So. Now through Saturday, Jan. 7, we’re opening a contest to win entry to our annual Desert Nights, Rising Stars (DNRS) conference. The winner will receive entry to the conference—a $375 value—which includes readings, receptions, book signings and sales, lectures, and plenty of opportunity to meet and mingle with fellow writers and attendees. This year's conference features the likes of Robert Boswell, Carolyn Forché, Pam Houston, Adam Johnson, Denise Duhamel (and so many more),  so you don't want to miss it!

To enter, retweet our DNRS tweets, share our DNRS posts on Facebook, and comment on this post. Each of those options counts as an entry, so you can enter a maximum of 3 times. Read on, and good luck!

What:  Win entry to Desert Nights, Rising Stars conference, held Feb. 23–26, 2012 
When:  Enter now through Saturday, Jan. 7 
How:  Retweet, share, and comment on this post to win. On Facebook, be sure to share our original post so we can track your entry! And, when commenting, please leave a name (it doesn't have to be your real name, but it's unlikely we'll be able to tell one anonymous from the other).
Winners will be chosen at random and results will be posted Monday, Jan. 9, 2012 here, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Please note that this giveaway does not include airfare or lodging. But if you haven't been to Arizona in February, you can absolutely count this as a vacation.


Emma Leigh said...

What a fantastic looking conference!

p.s. I'm a devoted reader of the HFR blog!

Shawnte Orion said...

I've shared lots of Duhamel's poetry, over the years, so karma better be on my side for this contest. If not, I might have to take my frustration out on some Barbie dolls.

Anonymous said...

Would love to attend this conference!

victoria hoyt said...

YAY wow,
this conference
will sweetly
my every day stay-
possible, reading,
writing. O, and sleeping.
I can dream.

--victoria h

mikel weisser said...

I hope i get to come to the conference because i am constantly looking for an excuse to go to PHX to puruse my writing and what better one than because i have to go to PHX to pursue my writing?

Hfoster said...

I tweeted about this conference before I even knew about this contest. What a great line-up of writers and topics. Plus, Arizona in February. Much better than Michigan in February.

erik said...


Maggie Glover said...

Just retweeted your tweet!

Katelyn D. said...

What a marvelous conference! HFR, consider yourself retweeted, shared, and commented on.

To the winner (if by some unforeseen terrible turn of events it is not me :p ) : check out the restaurant "Green" while you're there, they have excellent tsoynamis.

Tara Mae Mulroy said...

Count me in!

Emily Sims said...

I've tweeted this and shared on Facebook! I'd love to come to this conference!

Anonymous said...

It would be great to come to this conference. The doctor told me I should visit a drier climate to help treat my consumption. Not to mention the vapours.

Juan said...

It would be wonderful to attend this year's conference. Good luck to whoever wins!!!

Write In Portland said...

What could be better than writers + the desert? Sounds like paradise to me.

SM said...

How exciting!