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Monday, September 26, 2011

Missouri Review's Editor Prize gives big bucks!

Our friends at the Missouri Review are currently hosting  the Jeffrey E. Smith Editors' Prize, which is open for submissions of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. They are offering $5,000 each, plus publication to winners in each of those categories. The deadline is coming up soon: October 1st. (This Saturday!)

The contest guidelines can be found here. And they are currently offering a free digital version of last year’s contest issue.

When Claire, at The Missouri Review, was telling us about this contest, she brought up an interesting point based on something Forrest Gander once mentioned to her. “He said that he is in favor of submitting to contests because when you consider writing as an art, in comparison with other arts, the costs are quite low. Painters spend hundreds of dollars on canvas, paints, brushes; musicians have expensive instruments and sound equipment to maintain; dancers have to buy special shoes; etc. But writers only really need a paper and pen. So he never feels bad about setting aside a little money every year towards journal subscriptions and contest submissions; these are just some of the tools of the trade.” At HFR, we appreciate that sentiment as much as Claire does.

Now get submitting! Think of all the literary journals that prize money could buy you!

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