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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

AWP 2011 Cover Challenge - Day 5

Yesterday's question was a doozy, and today's has some equally great responses! The star of today's question is the dog on the front cover (seen at right, if you need a refresher.) There's only one more question after this one, so make sure your votes get cast in time. Remember, the winners get free subscriptions to Hayden's Ferry Review!

What did the dog chew up that morning?

1. The small child
2. He ate the girl's parents so that he could recruit the girl to complete his demonic acts -- beginning with a Voodoo chicken sacrifice.
3. A frozen bunny.
4. The boy's father's crisp, clean, submission, all ready to be mailed, to Hayden's Ferry Review.
5. The concept of Dog-ness
6. The UPS guy.
7. Nothing. The baby did it. Babies ruin everything.
8. Bees.
9. His sheet music.
10. The stuffed squirrel. He would have preferred it not be stuffed, but they don't allow him outside, so stuffing and memory have to suffice.
11. The rooster's comb
12. The owner of the red mittens (and look at the dog's face, the girl was obviously delicious and a little hallucinogenic!)
13. The white curtain behind the current UPS delivery truck (that's why the UPS curtain/blanket is up on the window - to hide the hole in the white curtain.)
14. What was left of my love for you.
15. "Uh, where'd my sister go...?"
16. My unpaid parking tickets, thankfully.
17. My life.

Vote for your favorite answer in the comment section! And vote for any days you might have missed in the posts below; voting is open for the whole week of the competition!


murrreece said...


Keri J said...

#10 :)

Gayle Sliva said...


Beth Staples said...

I'm really torn on this one, between 6, 7, 8 and 14. I'm flip-flopping...argh...right now "Bees" is getting the biggest smile from me. There. I've voted.

alynelso said...

I've got to go with #7, but it was a tough one. This was a good batch of answers!

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Anonymous said...

Parking Tickets