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Friday, October 29, 2010

Submission Call for Short Forms

HFR is calling for flash fiction, prose poetry and short essays on/about/exploring these forms for our Spring/Summer 2011 issue. Our special focus on short forms is designed to explore and celebrate big achievements in small spaces. There are no restrictions on subject or theme.

In addition to this general call for short forms, we’re also asking writers to respond to the issue’s cover image, a photograph taken by artist Christian Houge on the island of Svalbard. This secluded island is one of the most untouched areas in the world and contains the cleanest atmosphere man can find. These physical circumstances make Svalbard a Mecca for scientists who have installed extensive technical machinery in the otherwise small and deserted landscape. To learn more about Christian Houge’s "Arctic Technology" project (and see a much bigger and better version of the photograph) visit his website. Responses to the image should be in either prose poetry or flash fiction forms. HFR editors will select one of each genre to be printed on the inside of our Spring/Summer issue’s cover.

The submission deadline is December 15th. Submit online through our submission manager. Select “flash fiction,” “prose poem” or “short essay” accordingly. Remember, no word caps, just keep it concise. We will look at up to three flash fiction pieces and six prose poems at a time, all in the same file. HFR pays its contributors. We do not accept previously published material. For complete submission guidelines, click here.


Anonymous said...

When you say on/about/exploring these forms - are you looking for pieces ABOUT short pieces or short pieces on anything. The guidelines are a little tricky to read. Thank you.

Beth Staples said...

We're primarily looking for essays about these forms (what is a piece of flash fiction or prose poem, etc.) but we're really happy to consider short pieces of all kinds. That's why it's vague. The call is open. The language "on/about/exploring" does indeed include the word ABOUT.