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Friday, September 24, 2010

News Around the Net

Writers' preconceived notions about critics in the face of a bad review. They're jerks, is what they are!

E-reader readers read more books now than they read before they got their e-reader
, proving once and for all that if left to their own devices, readers would much rather never leave their homes.

This literary map of New York teaches me that there have been a whole lot of books written that take place in New York. I assume other cities do exist, but who cares.

Since I haven't posted a silly, dumb question in a while. Who's the #1 writer? Obviously there's a way to figure this out accurately. Only white, male writers need apply, apparently.

You wanted to read past interviews from the Paris Review, right? Right? Well, I already knew, so here you go.

Don Delillo wonders whether words will have the same depth in electronic form as they do on the printed page. I really, honestly don't even know what that means. Do words undergo some mystical change when they get printed? I'm confused.

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