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Friday, February 12, 2010

News Around the Net

Need a gift for Valentine's day?  How about a Shakespeare sonnet read by Sir Ian McKellen? Or some Chaucer read by Jude Law? That's all you'll need.

McDonald's workers are more rich than novelists. Further proof that we're all crazy for doing this. Excuse me while I cry. And then turn in an application.

If you're still down for this writing thing after reading the previous post, then here are some common mistakes you should avoid in your first novel.

Is American literature dead? Or it is just serious American literature that's dead? I bet you can name more American thriller writers than European thriller writers!

Because maybe the first time the message didn't get all the way through. Writers, don't kill yourselves. It's totally lame.

Here is why writers love Susan Boyle. But should we really? Maybe we should be writing instead of thinking about all those lame jobs other writers had before publishing or something.


Anonymous said...

I tried to click on the first link but it won't go through...could you include the site? thnx!

mpitonia said...

Sorry about that. Turns out the website I found was only a Valentine's Day thing. However, Aaron came across a site which still has some samples up, so I replaced the previous link with that.


David Edwards said...

I want to buy Patrick Stewart's rendition of "To His Coy Mistress" by Andrew Marvell because meaningful relationships, as they say, are the "final frontier."

(I've watched too much Star Trek: The Next Generation. For me, relationships really are the final frontier.)