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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Abe's Penny: Get to Know It

Abe's Penny, a micro-magazine from sisters Anna and Tess Knoebel, knows how much you love to get mail. Once a week, one part of a four-part story arrives in my mailbox: a postcard with an intriguing photo and a bit of text on the back. After four cards, I've got a full story or poem, and four cool images to tack up around my desk. It's a fun idea, though I'm not so good at being in the middle of things. I like to collect all four (as I've done with various Burger King glasses) and then re-read all at once. Though some installments stand up pretty well on their own. One card written by Eric Ledgin (photograph by Peter Bernard Killeen) read: "Snipers aren't a fact of life on Long Island. I only know one person who's been shot by one. It was at fairly long range, and with an air rifle - but it's still getting shot in the face. It counts as an experience." Receiving my postcard counts as an experience, too. I seem more worldly now. Even my mailman sees it.


Isaac said...

Is the text on the same side of the postcard as the image, or does it take the place of normal "message text" in a postcard?

I ask partly because I want to compare this publication with a comics story that I serialized on postcards last year. (It's still available, if you want a copy.)

Beth Staples said...

That image there is the front of one of the postcards - the picture takes up the whole front, with text on the back, where normally you'd read about your loved one's vacation.

Your serialized postcard comic sounds really cool! I'd love to see a copy.

Amy MacLennan said...

This is such an awesome concept. I am soooo subscribed to this.