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Friday, May 29, 2009

News Around the Net

Here's an advanced look at the fall favorites from BEA.

Pres. Obama and the First Lady will preside over the National Book Festival at the National Mall in the fall.

James King is the lucky winner of Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award, for $25,000 and a contract with Viking.

Alice Munro wins the Man Booker International Prize.

What do O'Connor, Ginsburg, and Sotomayer have in common? Nancy Drew.

A new way to gauge the health of a literature: neologisms.

What justifies a 1000-page tome?

Remains of the Day, the Musical.

Nine year old Spanish boy to have his first fanatasy novel published.

New information has come to light about Jane Austen's love life and it doesn't include Thomas Lefroy. What? You mean, Hollywood didn't give us the whole story?

For the highlights of Book Expo America, check this out.


princess kanomanom said...

You guys always post such great lit links--thanks!

Also, great to see you represented at the lit journal fest yesterday in NYC. Excited to read the latest.

Anonymous said...

"A bundle of tidy clues later, mystery solved. (She never solved murders. There were none.)" - from the article linked here from the New York Times. Sure she did. A couple I think. Murder on Ice (Nancy Drew Casefiles, Case 3) is the one I rember from childhood - after the current Supreme Court Justices' and cadidate's day, but still lady Drew. Just to set the story straight on straight-laced Nancy.