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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

HFR # 44 Goes Forth Unto You

Our new issue (shown here, spread eagle) is hot off the press. If you don't have one, you're going to want to change that. Here's why:

1) A fantastic story from Holly Hall, an Arizona State undergrad with her first publication, but certainly not her last.

2) So much poetry! Oliver de la Paz. Ross Leckie. Sarah Vap. Troy Jollimore. Tons more.

3) An excerpted translation of Chus Pato's "While i write..." You'll want to get to know Pato's work. She just won the Premio de la Crítica Española (the National Spanish Poetry Prize) for poetry in Galician.

4) Christina Seely's photography from the Lux collection, which documents the artificial glow produced by major cities in the three brightest regions of the world. Here, on the cover: Kyoto, Japan.

5) A copy costs only $7.50. With postage! Email us at for ordering details.

6) More fiction, more poetry, more translations, more photogaphy! Check out our website for some samples.

1 comment:

Flying Jacket said...

“Turn About the Axis” by Holly Hall:
1) "Stunned, the audience is silent, and as the man and woman are revived with oxygen, I’m mesmerized by their chests, expanding and collapsing like seismic waves."
Seismic waves are not expanding neither collapsing. After being transmitted, they are spreading out.
2) I don’t mean to offend or discourage the young author, but did she really intend to create so brutishly insensitive character? Lyrics aside, he hit her face with his head, didn’t apologize or feel sorry, did nothing (to help), watched her bleed (from her nose and down her neck, - pretty intense), and left.