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Friday, February 13, 2009

Poets on 'Project Runway'?

... No, not quite. Project Verse is a poetry contest seeking poets to write poetry instead of sew and hem scraps of jeans. It's a poetry contest with a Project Runway twist created and introduced, not by Heidi Klum, but by Dustin Brookshire, a poet, activist, and founder of I Was Born Doing Reference Work in Sin blog site and Limp Wrist, an online magazine.

The contest is a 10-week event in which poets will complete an “assignment” posted each Monday and submit it by noon Friday of that same week. Judges read and check the assignments over the weekend and announce in the I Was Born Doing Reference Work in Sin blog site who is “in or out” the following Monday. The winner of Project Verse will of course receive wonderful prizes that include a contract for a limited edition chapbook published by Limp Wrist, an interview with Joe Milford of “The Joe Milford Poetry Show,” and so much more. So hurry and turn in an application by March 01, 2009.

For more detailed information about how to apply, rules and regulations, visit I Was Born Doing Reference Work in Sin blog site.


Dustin Brookshire said...

Thank you for sharing about Project Verse!

Dolmii Remeliik said...

No problem! It is an exciting contest. I hope to keep up with the contest and blog about it. If that's cool. Thank you for commenting, Dustin. I'll be visiting your blog.