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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Congratulations to Michael McGriff!

Congratulations to Michael McGriff, whose book of poetry Dismantling the Hills was just released through the Pitt Poetry Series. Michael's poems, "In the Waiting Room" and "The Cosmos, or Taking My Sister to the Demolition Derby for Her Birthday" appeared in HFR issue #37.

“These are poems of place and generation, lyrically intense and intensely crafted. But the force of this work lies not just in narrative and memory, but in the refusal at every point to allow locale to become mere landscape. The rivers, fields, and ridges of these poems are not decorative. They are alive with work-with chainsaws, tractors, work crews, and wood chip piles. Most of all, they are vivid with hurt and loved human beings, fiercely imagined and named. This, above all, is what makes this such a powerful and persuasive first volume of poems.” -Eavan Boland

Also check out Michael's featured poem today on Poetry Daily.

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