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Friday, August 1, 2008

Go Ahead, Ask a Poet

No question is too small for the new "Ask A Poet" advice column from Drexel University's online rag, The Smart Set. In her first column, professional poet Kristen Hoggett tackles everything from whether poets believe in miracles to their bathing habits. Trouble with your love life? Not sure how to choose the right melon? Kristen's putting the verse into versatile. (Yeah, I just wrote that.)


Anonymous said...

What can we prove about Truth? Does it depend on who is seeking Truth? Meanwhile that great genius of physics Albert Einstein said:

“Blind respect for authority is the greatest enemy of Truth.”

Now brethren let us think? Can we find other answers for anything that poses questions for society? Can we clearly see the end of this question? What authority?

I passed interspersed the shadows and
cob-webs of your mind. For I knew
the standing predator. As an
antagonist he came cloaked in
adversary rags and reeked of a stale
odor that laughed at things not
funny as he tried to hide Truth.
Carl A. Patton,FreedomJournal

Aimée said...

"Kristen's putting the verse into versatile. (Yeah, I just wrote that.)"

Of course you just wrote that. I would expect nothing less. :)