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Monday, August 18, 2008

Bad Poetry Day

Today, August 18, is Bad Poetry Day according to, creator of all sorts of strange and unnecessary holidays.(For example, Bifocals At the Monitor Liberation Day (??) is December 1). To celebrate, send a loved one a bad poetry card. Or spend a little time on the Very Bad Poetry website. Or share your bad poem here. For your enjoyment, a few from our office:

Ode to My High School Boyfriend
by Beth

Love like a cigarette.
Burning, burning.
Night at the prom,
turning turning.
With another girl,
yearning, yearning.
Stamp it out, ashes.
Urning, urning.

by Kristina

My cousin married
an alcoholic.

Ten Minutes With You
by Elizabyth

The first minute, I stare into your
eyes so sweet like gelatin from the jelly dough-nut center.
Two and we are there like two of us
just like only room on the bus
for two. Minutes go by and three
and four and five and you and me!!!!!
Then -- also -- the dog is named CAT
becauxse of it all you make me laugh.


JS said...

A Transvestite Sonnet

If fairer crochet one could weave your mane,
Then wond’rous stitching might ne’er have been seen,
Such lustrous and long the locks say fair game,
But for coarser hair on arms and legs between;
For gender roles we leap through hoops imposed,
But, though shapely resist for fashion dare,
Your silky manlegs so finely pantyhosed,
Like a Toblerone with one more side – you’re square --
Oh, like Icarus and that bastard sun,
A waxen wing your desire and demise,
Climb so high the heat will your lipstick run,
For your masculine beauty in feminine garb I sighs.
Set fire to that gender hoop!
Mon petit, beau homme du jupe!

JS said...

Hmm, does lipstick run? Perhaps mascara would have been better.

Anonymous said...

The sparrow flies again! French no less. No more either. Bon.

Beth Staples said...

this poem made my lipstick run. that toblerone line is priceless.

amanda m said...

beep boop
beep boop
heart beat